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Why Rush AKPsi?

By the time most GU students throw their cap into the air at graduation, the phrase "Gonzaga community" has been forever ingrained into their vocabulary. But what is almost considered to be a taboo is that not everyone feels like they are a part of the infamous community.

I found myself halfway through freshman year feeling like an outsider to my peers who had all found their niche. During winter break I filled out several transfer applications and was dreading returning to campus. I did, however, muster up the courage to give GU one more try and decided to returned for second semester.

As I walked through College Hall on the first day of the new semester, a flier caught my eye and I decided to do something I hadn't done enough of since I arrived at Gonzaga: say "yes".

So I went to info night. I recruited and I even became president of my recruit class. Fast-forward two years and here I am surrounded by a group of people who make Gonzaga feel like home, confident in my professional and social skills, and spending my time doing what I am passionate about: helping others. In a recent internship interview, I felt bad for how many questions I answered with examples from AKPsi. So many of my greatest learning opportunities were presented to me through Phi Omega.

As I look back at the scared freshman who couldn't find her home at Gonzaga, I now realize she wasn't looking in the right places. I was too scared I wouldn't love Gonzaga that I forgot to try. Alpha Kappa Psi gave me everything I had been missing. I cannot imagine my GU experience without the incredible organization and the outstanding people it has introduced me to.

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