FALL 2021

Brendan Bogel Left (1)_edited.jpg


Brendan Bogel

Leads the chapter's initiatives, recognizes and addresses challenges while serving as the face of chapter.

Liz Merenda.jpg


Liz Merenda

The financial and accounting head of the chapter, collecting funds and developing budgets.

Nic Wraith_edited.jpg


Nic Wraith

Serves as the Judicial Chairman of the chapter, and manages our relationship with other chapters in the region.

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Olivia Elwell

Responsible for creating documentation strategies, and effective new member strategies

Luke Scanlon_edited.jpg

VP of Brotherhood

Luke Scanlon

Promotes brotherhood and interpersonal relationships within the chapter.

Emma Stickney.jpg

VP of Recruitment

Emma Stickney

Manages all responsibilities relative to bringing in new members.

Grace Camera_edited.jpg

VP Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Grace Camera

Focuses on establishing and upholding frameworks that support equity and inclusion for all of chapter.

Tyler Zangaglia_edited.jpg

VP Professional Development

Tyler Zangaglia

Fosters an environment that encourages members to grow in their professional skills.

Mia Mawer_edited.jpg

Executive Vice President

Mia Mawer

The operational and administrative head of the chapter. 

Torrey DeAlba.jpg


Torrey DeAlba

The administrative head of the executive board, serves as a reference on previous conversation and debate.



Lainie Ashton

Assist pledges as they work through the recruitment process, offering personalized guidance.

Ben Moss.jpeg

Master of Rituals

Ben Moss

Plans, prepares, and executes chapter rituals. Additionally, educates pledges on chapter specific information. 

Kelli Maunder_edited.jpg

VP of Service

Kelli Maunder

Promotes service and the intrapersonal relationship between the chapter and the community.

Grant Lentz_edited.jpg

VP of Member Engagement

Grant Lentz

Track, encourage, and enforce member engagement within the chapter. 


VP Alumni Relations

Tommy Conmy

Maintain contact and build relationships with our incredible alumni network.


VP of Marketing

Franny Dolan

Builds the external face of chapter by sharing information and celebrating accomplishments.