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Interested in Rushing AKPSI, fill out the form below.

The next Rush opportunity will be at the start of the Spring 2023 Semester.
All majors are welcome! 

Frequently Asked Questions

what will i get from alpha kappa psi?

By recruiting, you will be welcomed into a community of diverse professionals who share common goals and will help you succeed. You will develop professional, leadership, social, fundraising, time management, communication skills, and more.

Phi Omega is a chapter constantly looking for ways to improve and help its members reach their full potential.

We would love to have YOU join us!

Alpha Kappa Psi hosts Rush every semester. Check back here in the beginning of the semester, or look out for posts on our social media to get more information about Rush Week. We look forward to meeting you!

what is recruitment?

The Recruitment period, following Rush Week, is an 8 or 9 week long process where recruits will be introduced to the history, culture, and structure of the chapter. In this process, recruits are educated through a series of modules designed to expand on their professional skills all while interacting with members and bonding with their Recruit class!

When does rush happen?

are there any requirements to be in chapter?

There are no academic requirements to be in chapter. Aside from receiving a bid after Rush Week and making it through the recruitment process, one major requirement of members is engagement. We are a very involved organization, and every member has a role and responsibility to fulfill within their committee and to chapter.

do i have to be a business major to rush?

Nope! All majors are represented in the chapter currently, and we encourage people of all different backgrounds, genders, identities and interests to rush!

what is the time commitment like?

The recruitment process itself involves weekly committee meetings, weekly general business meetings, and additional events throughout the week. Generally, as a recruit a weekly time commitment would be around 5 to 6 hours, similar to a class. However, when in membership, your time commitment to the chapter can be more tailored to your academic schedule. Different positions and committees have varying time commitments.

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