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A Friendship Like No Other

Last weekend, I had the honor of presenting one of the first BroCase’s alongside my housemate Juan. The prompt to share about ourselves was something that allowed us to really consider our friendship, our college journey, and the community that allowed us to flourish at GU and within Alpha Kappa Psi.

The value of developing such meaningful friendships and relationships stands out to me as I am in my senior year at Gonzaga surrounded by people who constantly push me in multiple facets of my life: academics, clubs, extracurriculars, and in the workplace.

To focus in on the Alpha Kappa Psi community is a great way for me to reflect and understand that I learned lessons that apply all over my life. Being able to professionally grow in the AKPSI community pushes me to succeed in so many areas of the Gonzaga experience. This is a lesson that can never be truly quantified because it has such immense value.

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