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Get To Know Some Transfer Bros in AKPsi!

Kyra: Hello! We are Kyra and Ellie and we're sophomores on the pre- Physical Therapy track. I’m majoring in Psychology with a minor in Human Physiology and Ellie is majoring in Human Physiology and we just transferred to Gonzaga this school year. I went to University of Washington and Ellie went to Seattle Pacific University.

Our first trip to Coer D'Alene together (Ellie left, Kyra right) Ellie: We both wanted more of a community in college so we decided to come here to Gonzaga--and let me tell you it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Kyra and I were randomly paired up as roommates believe it or not. Soon enough we were driving around to see cool sunset spots, going to Sandpoint, and running across E Sharp Ave to go get Starbucks almost everyday to see our favorite barista Victor.

Reppin' Krispy Kreme. Kyra: Coming in as a transfer was pretty intimidating since everyone mostly had their established friend groups from freshman year so we didn’t know where we were going to fit in. I was randomly scrolling on instagram looking at Gonzaga accounts and stumbled across AKPsi and decided to go to the club fair and then rush...and the rest is history. We met our best friends through AKPsi.

Pic from right before initiation. Ellie: Kyra and I spontaneously planned to hang out with Franny and Thomas (who we’d never met in person) and Olivia (fellow transfer squad member) after Turf Takeover last semester. That night was full of dishwasher disasters and hilarious conversations and we all became really good friends. I can’t even imagine what my life would look like if we hadn’t randomly planned this.

Pic from Turf Takeover (Ellie, Olivia, Thomas, Kyra, and Franny) Kyra: From there on, we’ve met so many more amazing AKPsi members who are our super close friends and I cannot wait to keep making more memories with them and making many more with people we’ve yet to really get to know. AKPsi has truly felt like home and we’re excited to see where else this chapter will lead us! <3

Kyra, Olivia, Franny, Maddie, and Ellie!

Franny, Olivia, Kyra, and Ellie.


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