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How Will AKPsi Help Me in the Future?

The wining submission of alumni, Nick Glazewski's Spring 2018 member scholarship.

To my future self,


You will never forget the five pillars of Alpha Kappa Psi because of this acronym. Although when you were studying for your recruit quizzes, this acronym held little importance in your life. As you’ve gone through AKPSI, it has shaped your life in ways that will stay with you forever.

BROTHERHOOD You may have thought AKPSI was a cult after the first ritual, and it kind of is, but in the best way. AKPSI has welcomed you into a brotherhood that you will be a lifelong member of. Not only have you met some of your best friends, but you’ve met some of the smartest people who push you to be better. Being supported by a group of motivated individuals is something you should never take for granted. This kind of mentality is something that will be within you forever and you should share it with those you encounter in the future.

UNITY You rushed because you wanted to find a place on campus. Leaving college, you are going to be searching for your place in life. AKPSI has taught you that if you put yourself out of your comfort zone, you can find a place where you feel welcomed just like the AKPSI community.

SERVICE Acts of service is your love language, so this should be easy, but AKPSI has really taught you why service is so important. On a large scale, you should always remember to help your community and those around you that need help because if you were in their position, you would want the same compassion. On an individual level, you should seek out how you can help others. AKPSI is a group of collaborators who help each other through a symbiotic relationship. When you do something for someone else it always comes back to you in unexpected ways.

INTEGRITY Coming into college, you were searching for a new identity, but if you’ve learned anything it’s just be authentic. Nobody appreciates someone trying to be something they’re not, so just be honest in everything you do.

KNOWLEDGE Be prepared. Do your research. Being prepared is controllable, and if you don’t know everything right away, figure out what questions to ask. AKPSI has taught you hard skills, soft skills, and how to navigate the professional business world. If you’re ever in doubt, I’m sure AKPSI has taught you skills that will help you whether it be socially or professionally.

Best of luck living out these five pillars,


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